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Exhibition on survivor art

One exhibition in two venues: Chester and Crewe. All the work comes from abuse survivors. Any form of abuse and any form of creative work.

Each piece comes with two or three lines explaining the piece. Work is submitted with a display name that doesn't have to be a real name.

It's free to submit. Free to enter. There is a donation box. All funds go to Survive, a counselling centre in Crewe for abuse survivors.

Anyone who wants to submit can contact  It doesn't have to be the most amazing looking piece of work either.

The exhibition is in October, in Chester its on the 7th & 8th: 2-7pm.

In Crewe it's on the 21st & 22nd: 10am - 4pm.  is the website. Also on Facebook.


Messages of support for survivors


A survivor artist, is collecting brief messages of support to survivors of child abuse to make a visual monument celebrating their strength and letting them see the community of support that is out there. This will counter the feelings of isolation, shame and silence that can occur.


At a recent event in Bristol, people were invited to write on a blue ribbon a message of this sort. Reading what people had written had a huge impact on survivors and she is hoping to grow and develop this.


The idea is for people (whether survivors or not) to each write a simple, brief message to those who have or are experiencing abuse. This will be transferred onto a blue ribbon and the blue ribbons will be brought together to create a powerful impact. Some messages may also appear on a short film, as text.


To give you a feel of how long such a message could be, here are some from the event in Bristol:


I am a survivor too. i look like I'm doing well-a success .But today everything is a struggle.


A happy life is the best revenge-get to where you can be happy


Feel no shame-it never belonged to you


If you would like to contribute, it might be useful to think what you would say to a friend. If you have experienced abuse, it might be powerful to think about what you would like to say to yourself as a child, or what you might have needed to hear then or now...


If you would like to contribute feel free to email or Jeanie with your message:



A Child is Crying 3rd Annual Awareness Event, Globe Academy, LONDON

16th September 2017

Each year our free event aims to raise awareness about the scope and scale of child sexual abuse. Despite the subject matter, the evening is always enjoyable, it will leave you feeling  informed and also hopeful that things can change. If we all come together, anything can change.

This year we have a fantastic programme lined up. As always we have some very talented musicians - there will be a live band who will be supporting our wonderful singers: Maureen Weeks, Alex Cambridge, Yemi Alogba and Nathan Ojuolape.


After the success of our mini play at last years event, we are showing another side to this issue with "I Wonder Why". This is a powerful play that will help in understanding the impact of sexual abuse.


And finally the International contemporary dance group The Natashas Project will be performing a moving dance.


Let us all be a voice for the voiceless.


Event is at 7.30pm till 10pm. Doors open at 7pm
Globe Academy, Harper Rd, Southwark,

Register for free tickets here:


IICSA Victim and Survivor Consultation

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has launched a consultation on the impact of child sexual abuse on victims and survivors and access to and use of support services. The consultation is open for three months from now until early September.

The consultation is a huge opportunity for victims and survivors to inform IICSA about how their physical and mental health may have been affected by CSA and about their experiences of finding support, and marks the start of an ongoing engagement with victims and survivors and their families to gather views about support service provision.

The consultation is open to anyone who is a victim or survivor of child sexual abuse, and also to those who may wish to complete the survey on behalf of a victim/survivor. Please share this information with victims and survivors and their families.

IICSA says:

We want to hear from you if your life has in any way been affected by child sexual abuse.

We would be glad to hear from friends or families of victims and survivors if they feel able to provide insight into the impact on the victim and survivor or their experience of accessing support services.

We also want to understand how effectively existing support services provision (that provide care, treatment, counselling, therapy, advocacy and support etc.) meet the needs of people who have experienced or been affected by child sexual abuse, and the ways in which they can be improved.

The consultation will examine a series of issues relating to victims' and survivors' experiences of support services. There are questions dealing with a range of issues connected to the impact of abuse and support service provision. We want to know more about experiences of the different types of support and the differences in the way they are experienced by children and adults.


Your responses are confidential and will not be published. We will publish a report summarising what we hear, but this will not name individuals and your responses will be kept confidential. You do not need to answer every question, just those which are relevant to your experiences.

The survey will be open for 13 weeks, and will close on 12th September.

Responding online

The easiest and quickest way to get in touch is by filling in the form here: .

If you would like to see the list of questions included in the online form you can view these on our IICSA Victim and Survivor consultation document:


BASPCAN Congress 2018 - Bookings Open


Early Bird bookings open at the link below:

Earlybird bookings opened April 2017, closing December 2017

Call for Abstracts open at this link

Visit the website for regular updates on Key Note Speakers and updates on the programme etc.

If you wish to reserve a place at Congress and be invoiced in this financial year please contact for further information.



This popular accredited course is once again being promoted for the benefit of ISVAs supporting clients who chose to either go through the criminal justice system or not.

The purpose of this training is to give ISVAs and Trainee ISVAs the necessary knowledge and understanding that will enable them to provide good quality, client-centred support which focusses on our ethos of working in ways that recognises human rights and dignity; demonstrates understanding of the role of gender in the impact of sexual violence and abuse on women and men; appreciates the variety of human experience and culture; demonstrates a commitment to showing justice in dealing with all others; and encourages the development and improvement of responses to all survivors. The training is accomplished by attending five 2-day sessions of training on the dates provided below. All learners will also complete worksheets in class and compile a portfolio to evidence their learning which on completion will be presented to the OCN in order that they can acquire an accredited certificate.

Course Dates:

Session 1     21st and 22nd September 2017

Session 2     12th and 13th October 2017

Session 3     16th and 17th November 2017

Session 4     14th and 15th December 2017

Session 5     18th and 19th January 2018


Training Venue:

This course will be held at The Survivors Trust in Rugby, Warwickshire.


Course Fees:                                                            

The Survivors Trust member organisations              £1,950 (Subsidised Cost)        

Voluntary Sector Organisation                                     £2,100

Statutory Sector Sexual Violence Service                  £2,350


Please visit The Survivors Trust website for more details